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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blak Ryno Detained at a Gaza Link-Up Party

THE STAR has reported that learnt that Blay Ryno was among the men that were detained by the police while at a Gaza Link-Up party in Ocho Rios, this past Saturday. The party was in full swing, police and soldiers swooped down on the newly opened venue, ordering an end to the music and patrons to go outside.

Everyone was then searched and those who could not provide proper identification for themselves were detained and taken to the grounds of the Mobile Reserve in Kingston where they were processed.

The club was also searched. A patron at the scened was quoted as saying, "Di party a gwaan and bout 3:30 a.m., whole heap a police jus come in a seh di music fi lock off ... . Police and soldier surround di building and tell everybody fi leave ... who neva have nuh propa ID did haffi go pan di truck,"

There are going to be more crackdowns like this as the police try to clean up the corruption in the music industry. I am not a fan of this artist, but I feel that no one should be above scrutiny when it comes to the law.

Source: Jamaica Star
Image Source: BigUp Magazine

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