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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are Artist influencing the Children with Bad Lyrics?

I know we have a lot of artist out there who don't really care about the contents of their songs, but rather the amount of money they can accumulate. I am wondering though if they would allow their own kids to sing some of the songs they record. According to an article in the star, one such artist, Elephant man does recognize the influence he has over the children.

Slang specialist' Elephant Man said he is aware that he influences children with the many slangs that he has created and made popular.

"Anything weh mi seh de kids dem go wid it. Di kids are one of di first set that hang on to it (slangs). When yuh hear di kids with it, yuh know seh de slang shot," Elephant Man told THE STAR.

Children are often heard using some of the slangs Ele uses, like 'mucho', 'tranquelo', 'shizzle', 'mi linky' and 'caliente'. However, he maintained that the children used these to greet each other.

In addition, he said slang was very popular in garrison areas.

In Jamaican many children do use the "dancehall" slang in their everyday conversations. I feel however it is just the same as when I was growing up in Jamaica, that we heard the slang, but we knew to speak properly when we were at home (in front of our parents), and also at school.

Source: Jamaican Star


clnmike said...

I have mixed feelings about this, I believe that an artist should have the right to say what he wants and it is up to everyone else to keep it oput of the hands of children as responsible adults no matter how time consuming that is. At the same time I question the creativity of an arsit who cant find the words to express himself with out cursing. Cursing should be treated like a puncutation mark on a sentence to get the emotion expressed clearly. It shouldnt be the sentence it's self.

oneness said...

Just a dancehall thing. If someone in Europe listens to it, they don't understand the slackness, and the artists invent new words every weekend. I remember the golden years of reggae: Marley, Tosh, Mighty Diamonds, Burning Spear, Gladiators... everyone in the world learning English at school understood what they had to say. They even printed the lyrics on the LP cover. I guess most dancehall artists have nothing to say to the rest of the world. They are counting money in their own personal Babylon. Who want to see Elephant Man in Europe? Maybe 500 persons. Who want to see Burning Spear or Israel Vibration? I guess 30.000 in every larger town.

What is really important now? Health insurance and medcial insurance for all people in USA and Caribbean! Sing about that, dancehall man!

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