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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

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Today I mon a lickle bit olda, and a lickle bit wiser. (well not too sure about the wiser part). It was an interesting day. I think NO ONE remembered my birthday. My daughter called me, late in the evening and was talking and talking. I finally said to her, what is today? So she gets quiet an says, "OH YEAH, Happy Birthday Mom." It has been THAT kinda day today.


clnmike said...


JamericanSpice said...

Happy Birthday!

There's a funny link /joke about birthdays that I wish I remembered so I could make you laugh.

Have cake on me :)

iriegal said...

Thanks Mike and Jamerican Spice. Can u guys believe it. I had to go to FACEBOOK to have my kids say happy birthday...WHAT DA ??