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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Was John Terry's Murder a Gay Hate Crime?

Well if you read yesterday's editon of the English paper, "THE SUN," one would assume s. The Sun reported, "Honorary Consul in Jamaica John Terry - thought to have been known by the Queen - died of asphyxiation after being beaten. The 65-year-old was found naked with a cord wrapped tightly round his neck." A note was beside the body. Police sources reveal Mr Terry, made an MBE in 1992, is thought to have escorted the Queen around Jamaica on several state trips The Sun claims a note found yesterday read: "This is what will happen to ALL gays." It was signed "Gay-Man".

Yesterday, British High Commissioner to Jamaica Jeremy Cresswell expressed sorrow at Terry's death.

"We are deeply saddened that he has died in such a terrible way and it really was a wave of shock and revulsion that went through the High Commission when we heard about this," Cresswell told the Observer.

I found it interesting that the Jamaican Observer made mention of this note, however they did not reveal the contents. Today a sketch was provided of the suspect. It is widely know that indeed Jamaica does have a very low tolerance (an that is being nice using that word), to homosexuality. The fact that Jamaica does have a significant homosexual population doesn't escape me. I would not be surprised if the British tabloid was indeed true. Regardless, a man should not have had to die that way. Killing is wrong period. He left behind a wife and children.

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