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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saint Catherine Senior Citizen Poses Nude In Front of 21 yr old

The St Catherine police are investigating a case where an elderly man is alleged to have entered a young woman's house
, hid under her bed and later woke her from her sleep while posing naked. 

THE STAR heard that the 62-year-old man, of Jeffery Town in the parish, was arrested on Thursday evening and may be charged over the weekend, after a report was made by the 21-year-old complainant.
The woman and the man are said to live at the same premises, a tenement yard in the community.
The woman reportedly left for work earlier in the day and returned home
sometime after 7 p.m. She is said to have fallen asleep but woke up when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

It is alleged that when she opened her eyes she was shocked to see the elderly man standing naked in front of her. 

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1 comment:

clnmike said...

Sad yet funny as hell.