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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Knives and Machetes at School?

Knives and machetes at school? I read this report and thought back at the days when I was a schoolgirl and knew no school I ever went to would of tolerated this. Apparently according to a report by the Jamaica Observer, some school children are leaving their weapons outside the school gates with the local vendors. My question would be why are they bringing knives to school anyway?

The superintendent told the Observer that these vendors were "major players" in this illicit activity that has greatly assisted students involved in gang feuds at schools across the island. In fact, Forbes said that when these weapons are handed back to the youngsters at the end of the day they usually figure very prominently in clashes at transportation hubs and other points where students gather — sometimes with deadly consequences.

In October, two students — one in Kingston and the other in St Mary — died in violence involving schoolchildren. Both students were stabbed to death. Head of the St Andrew Central Police Division, Superintendent Derrick Knight, also told the Observer that last month there were reports of around 10 violent clashes among schoolchildren in his division alone.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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