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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Robber Beaten by Sister

As reported by the Jamaican Star yesterday a man attempted to rob his own sister with a homemade gun. Goodness, it is amazing what some folks will do.

"The St Catherine North police reported that on Sunday, about 10 p.m., as the woman was entering her home in Kitson Town, St Catherine, a man came up and pointed a weapon at her. He reportedly demanded all the gold rings she had on her fingers.
"Yes, the sister just returned from a trip after going to a funeral. Di man approached har from behind and sey gi mi all di jewellery pon yu hand," a resident said.
The sister, who is said to have studied martial arts, suddenly spun around and collared the would-be robber. She flung him against a wall, damaging his hand, while raining blows over his body. The attacker is said to have dropped the object and ran.
The woman is said to have picked up the weapon and found it to be useless but by that time the suspect had fled.
The would-be victim eventually entered the house and related her ordeal to her father. It is said that the father then went and told his son that her sister was held up. The son is, however, said to have been seen sweating profusely.
After he was said to be behaving strangely, the father questioned his daughter more about her attacker's attire and the degree of injury he suffered.
It is alleged that the Son's hand was damaged and his clothing torn. The father then handed his son to the Guanaboa Vale police."

Source: The Jamaica Star

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