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Monday, April 08, 2013

Crowd chased gays at Bacchanal Jamaica road march

According to news reports some "alleged" gay men clashed with revelers at a Bacchanal Jamaica road march yesterday. The Star reported that about six people (men and women) headed up Constant Spring road to join the parade near West Kings House Road in some very provocative attire.

"Yuh shoulda hear dem. One say anybody tackle wi today get mash up," George an alleged witness stated.

The altercations reportedly increased as the group moved along the route and turned into physical altercations. My question to these people who joined the parade route is, "Unno mad?" Why would you   knowingly  come out (as a man) in fishnet stockings and a g-string understanding that the crowd would not be sympathetic towards you? I believe it is okay to be who you are, but not okay to force your own sexual orientation on other people.

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