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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

His Cousin is Jealous

Okay, I did a little ting and ting on Red Stripe Beer below...but see yah!!..His cousin "Guinness" became jealous. Now all hell a break loose on the blog. ..sigh... So in all fairness, I am going to give homage also to "Guiness Stout." You know seh nothing like eating some curry goat and rice and peas, washing it down with a ice cold Guinness mon!! ...some people like milk in theirs. I don't know...when I put milk in my Guiness I always a end up on the toilet. (I know too much information).

4 comments: said...

mmmmmmmmm thats a good looking beer!

Omni said...

CURRY GOAT???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O

iriegal said...

omni..Curry Goat is good mon!!

It is a Jamaican delicacy!


iriegal said...

zero...yes DA BEER NICE MONE