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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Homage to Red Stripe Beer

Okay, Jamaica is NOT Jamaica without RED STRIPE BEER MON!! From the country parts of Jamaica to New Kingston, you will see men/women...and yes even pickney drinking a Red Stripe. When I lived in New York City, seeing Red Stripe Beer on the shelf brought back the feeling of "yard."
Man, sitting up on a warm Jamaica night on the verandah with yuh partner dem...all of a sudden someone bust out a cold one.

..and it is a ice cold Red Stripe. Feel that cool liquide sliding down your throat.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!..YEAH MON!!


Barnze said...

It's not a bad drop..

Leon said...

Good ol' Red Stripe.

Anonymous said...

I've never had that type of beer before Girlie Irie...Is it good?

iriegal said...

Red Stripe Beer is good mon!!..

yeah would like it..

It is smooth!!