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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jamaican Jokey Joke Mon

Jamaican Technology

Group of men waiting outside 'new inventions' meeting room before it starts.

American, Englishman, and Jamaican.

A bleeper noise is heard, and the american looks at his shoulder, presses it and looks at the other two and says ' its my bleeper',

The englishman raises the palm of his hand to his face and starts talkin, when he finishes he looks at the other two and says ' that was my mobile phone'

The Jamaican thought I dont want to get left behind with all this new high tech stuff, so he gets up and leaves the room, and returns with a piece of toilet paper sticking out of his ass the other two look at him, the Jamaican looks down and behind and says ' Oh!, I am recieving a fax'.

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