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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Election-but see my dying trial

Well, the election is close at hand. Just 4 days away an the violence is at hand. You know I have been living in the United States for awhile now, an I can't understand the reason for such violence during a political change. No, that is not true. I understand that 3rd World Countries survival depends which political faction is in control. The promises of "a better way" is what fuels the countries survival.

Jamaica has gone through its hardships in the political arena. I remember in the 70's going to school (up a Constant Spring Road) an getting off the Jolly bus, an tear gas greeting me. That was the climate back them. I can imagine how the people of Iraq feel, because gunshots were common occurrences on the island.

Well, be it Golding or Portia...Manley or Seaga.....

It seems life in Jamaica has gotten worse somehow. Greed has become the culprit. In wanting to compete with the lifestyle of their Western Counterparts, many islanders will sell their own pickney if it means that life is sweeter for them.

Can't buy food, but even the dog have a cell phone. I think the recent Hurricane has hurt the current administrations chances. People want help rebuilding. Promises on paper are not going to help them move on with life. I think perhaps Jamaica needs to understand, the motto, "OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE" has indeed a great significance. If one stop thinking of themselves and going back to the OLD DAYS when a man helps another man , Jamaica will indeed move forward.

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