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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jamaican Dogs

In light of the Michael Vick fiasco, I was reminded of one of the most loyal creatures in Jamaica. The mongrel dog. It is not unusual to see these dogs often roaming the streets of Kingston, in search of food. They can be seen lying at the foot of the vendors, protecting them from the mean elements of the street. Some of these dogs are so "mawga" (skinny) that even when they are carrying a litter they look like walking sticks that swallowed a ball.

But try feeding one of them ...and then try getting rid of that dog. Hard thing to do. They will follow you and protect you for life. I recall growing up that someone pointed out to me that they didn't see much dogs in Jamaica. I never really thought about it that much.

Dogs fighting each other? Well, in Jamaica that would mean you were taking the food out of your family's mouth to fatten that animal to compete. Not going to happen. Dogs in the countryside can often been seen herding cows, goats, even pigs to their respective pens. They have conditioned themselves to eat anything to survive and they will kill you if you try and come on their owners property. Loyalty in this case is an understatement.

Jamaicans typically are never seen buying clothes for their dogs, carrying them around in little bags, kissing them in the mouth or anything else that would simulate caring for a child or baby.
They, the dogs, are protectors by nature..and survivors because they have to.

No you might hear of cockfighting in Jamaica, but dog fighting?..Well, I haven't heard of it.

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Rootzpoet said...

I must say I really enjoyed this post. Its interesting about the Jamaican mongrel but whatever happened to " sorry fi mawga dawg and him tun roun bite yuh"?

iriegal said...

True dat rootzpoet, about "mawga dawg"..

but in life shouldn't we be cautious of anything with sharper teeth den we?


Graham said...

I can remember a saying a wise man once said, something to the effect of " Pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, and he will never turn on you, that is the funadamental difference between a dog and a politician"