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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jamaica as the 51st state

As we finish another election, thought rolls around to a question put to Jamaica in the 70's, about becoming a New state in America. Joining the Old Union Jack.

Okay what would be the Pros:

  • Premium Coffee (of course they might rape the Blue Mountain Hills to get it)
  • Topless Beaches (one in Negril comes to mind)
  • Hanging as punishments for crimes (well I don't know if this is a pro but it will save on prison funds)
  • A fine agricultural asset (what Peter Tosh say, "legalize it")
  • Outstanding Health Care Providers
  • How to have an "effective" educational system in the United States
  • Wonderful Resorts(reference:Hedonism Resorts)
  • Well trained CIA operatives (just hire all the "RUDE BWOY DEM")
  • Beautiful Beaches (think Hawaii people)
  • The US would increase their military presence on the island, which might be a pro or con

Possible Cons:

  • Heavy taxation on agricultural asset (see pros)
  • Big Ass Potholes
  • Too many people wanting to Jump on the bus as it drives away
  • Jamaicans are not too happy about early work schedules
  • America would try to turn it into a Commercial Disaster
  • Hurricanes
  • Hurricanes
  • did I mention Hurricanes
  • Democrats would be fighting with Republicans over what COLOR them wearing(political violence is commonplace)
  • All the "deportees" would try to return to Mainland (anywhere on US Shores)
  • America would have to endure all those "used" Japanese vehicles
  • America would have to still deal with the British Mentality
  • Everyone would be getting their "groove" back like Stella
  • Soccer would replace "football" as the National Sport

So there you have it, seems more Cons them PRO. I think many MEN though would love to have those "island" women as neighbors.

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