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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


According to the Jamaican Gleaner Portia stated yesterday that...

In a statement, PNP president, Portia Simpson Miller stressed that a determination of the "constitutional issues" by the court, as well as the final count in all seats could still have a bearing on the outcome of the election.

Well, what else can Portia say? My take on it is when people think that they have things wrapped up they don't give their 100%.

Where is the gracious attitude in that statement by Ex-Prime Minister Miller? When one gives a concession speech, you don't mar it with words of slander claiming foul. You "wait" until after the final count, if you feel anyway slighted, then and only then should one take a stance.

What does this new leadership mean for Jamaicans? I don't know. Jamaica knows that it has built its life on faith. Just as so many storms have come and gone and left Jamaica still standing, so too will the people of Jamaica survive.

So on American Labor Day, It seem it is "LABOR DAY" for Jamaica too!


jamsprint said...

poor sista P...
It was good while it lasted (pysche!)

iriegal said...

Yeah Jamsprint, well Halfway Tree needs more higglers.

Oh...that was cold (even for me)