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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hedonism Resorts

The most popular resorts on the island of Jamaica are the "Hedonism Resorts." Hedonist feel that people should be equal, and that the way to achieve that is through allowing much more personal freedom. In this case the freedom is usually of a sexual nature.

The Hotels can be found on the beautiful North Coast of Jamaica. They are said to be the reputed seat of hard-drinking, anything-goes, sex-drugs-and-reggae wickedness. Hedonism I and now III or Hedo, as its regulars call it, has the most loyal following of any resort on the island. They can draw a repeat visitor rate of 40% or more compared with the other island resorts.

The Pool Area at Hedonism III

Swim Up Bar adds to Pool Fun

As uninhibited as you dare!

Well, I won't be visiting any HEDO resorts anytime soon. First off I am not a prude but going a hotel just to be nekkid with tourist is not my idea of fun. Having sex non-stop and smoking weed is not my idea of fun. I am not knocking those who like that lifestyle but for me Jamaica is much more then the hedo resorts show. It is more then sand and beach. It is beautiful island, with some wonderful people and if you are stuck in a hotel, with a lot of debauchery going on, then you might miss out on see that aspect of the island.


Stinkypaw said...

We went to Sandals, next door, and wouldn't even think of going to Hedo! The sight of some totally naked wasn't the most beautiful things I saw while in Jamaica!

iriegal said...

Thank you stinkpaw. I mean some people have literally moved into the Hedo resorts I love Sandals, it gives a family type atmosphere.