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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Herb McKenley-Dead at age 85

When one speaks of Track an Field in Jamaica, you have to mention Herb McKenley. He was a legend in his time. He is linked with the greats such as Donald Quarry, Bert Cameron, Merlene Ottey, Deon Hemmings and so forth.

He was born in Clarendon, Jamaica 1922. Some of his accomplishments included:-

Men's Athletics
Gold 1952 Helsinki 4x400m relay
Silver 1948 London 400 metres
Silver 1952 Helsinki 100 metres
Silver 1952 Helsinki 400 metres

He retired in 1973 from Sports. He had been the coach of the Jamaican National Team from 1954. He was also the President of the Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association.

Source: Jamaican Observer


Calabar Lions said...

One Love herb, you were a great man

From the family

iriegal said...

Big Up to Calabar.