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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beenie Man says, "It wasn't Me"

Well, claims are out there that Beenie Man (who we also know as "The Doctor) took a 2 million dollar bribe to perform at the Boxing Day Show called, "Sting." According to Beenie Man, " Laing afta him threaten mi sey if mi guh pon radio guh talk sem mi nah do Sting again mi a guh get it"

Isaiah Laing, is currently the promoter of the Sting tour. Beenie Man claims he is definitely not going to perform this year. According to the Jamaican Star, Beenie claims he is not going to perform this year.

I like Beenie Man, however I feel that some of his popularity has gone to his head. Yes, he is a good artist but when you miss shows or say you are cancelling gigs, fans can sometimes not be that forgiving. I thing with Mavado and Bounty Killa being on the list that nobody is not really caring if Beenie show up or not. As for the money, he probably was offered the money to perform, wheter he took the money or not is another story.

Source: Jamaican Star

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