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Monday, January 28, 2008

CE Deports Gang Member Back To Jamaica

31 Year old Jamaican National and Gang Member Raymond Jackson also known as," Renard Harrison," was deported back to Jamaica yesterday by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers. (USICE).
Apparently he had previously entered the United States (Florida) on April 26, 2006. He was ordered removed in May, 2006. He illegally reentered the country Jan 2007 and then as a suspect in a murder investigation (the charges were dropped) was charged with a violation reentry.

Jackson, who ICE officials say is a top lieutenant of the Clansman gang, was recently deported again. He was transferred into the custody of Jamaican authorities upon his arrival in Jamaica.

I don't know why anyone comes into the United States and forget if they commit a crime they are then going to end up back in Jamaica (or whatever country) if they are not a citizen of that country. It is just a "DUH" factor.


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