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Monday, January 28, 2008

Diana Ross Booed at Air Jamaica Jazz/Blues

I was very surprised to read this morning in the Observer, where Diana Ross (The Diva) was booed relentlessly Sunday at the Festival. It seems the Diva did not want her image recorded anywhere, so she was adamant about no big screens inside the venue.
I just want to say that I remember seeing her concert on HBO in the early 1990's in Central Park
and there were big screens galore. Many of these celebs forget that as you start aging and relying on your previous fame (ala Michael Jackson) that you need as much "positive" press as you can.

Quoted from the Observer, "failure to interact with the audience added insult to injury as people in the middle of the gathering started to sound their discontent. This quickly transferred to the VIP section, which, though closer to the stage, still did not provide its
inhabitants with a clear view."

An Irate Patron shouted,"Dem shoulda throw bottle pon har, all 20,000 people in di venue."

The Gleaner has learnt that Ross was paid US$300,000 (J$21 million) to perform on the show.


Shelia said...

I read about this, how awful. But she really ought to not think that she's still at the top of her game and she's fortunate that people still want to see her.

Have a great day Ireigal! :D

iriegal said...

OneLove Shelia, The sad thing is that she made this decision at the last minute. Sadly, the promoters of the concert took a lot of the flack from the crowd as well.

Have a great day yourself.

Anonymous said...

I was at the front and could see & hear her. She looked great and had nothing to hide from the cameras, great legs great face. No good reason to have the video of, highly disrespectful to Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

DIVA!!! Diana Ross usually flies in to her gigs in her private Jet.... Her hair flies in separately.... :-)