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Friday, February 22, 2008

Black Tennis Pro's Interview with Dustin Brown

Well, I have to give it up to a serious sistah over on Black Tennis Pro, with her amazing interview with Jamaican born Tennis Star Dustin Brown. We focus a lot on Venice and Serena, but understand that Jamaica does indeed have so many talented Tennis Stars. Some are upcoming and about to shine. Sheila captured the true essence of this rising star. (and the fact he is handsome does not escape Irie's

I learned so much by reading the excerpts of this interview. Great Job Sheila! Please go and check out her wonderful site. (BLACK TENNIS PRO).

This is a photo of Dustin at 14(right) and Melissa Murray (left) at the 14 and under singles titles at the Content Beef Junior Age-Group Tennis Championships at the JTLA Headquarters in 1998

I wish Jamaica would support more of these talented Tennis Players. There is so much money alloted to Track and Field, but there are so many areas that the young kids are succeeding in.



Thanks for the information on Dustin Brown.Wishing him the best in his career.

iriegal said...

Thank esteban agosto ...he is such a talent.