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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shooting at Wake, 7 shot

I said I wouldn't concentrate my page to all the violence that is surrounding the island, however this one really hit home. This past Thursday in Banks, Clarendon men who were heavily armed opened fire on a wake. This resulted in seven people getting shot. Two people died and five other were taken to a local hospital.

It seems that last December there was a killing at Water Lane. Clarendon that resulted in a rape and a death. Some residents moved out of the area. The residents that remained were afraid to go out at night. It appears the target Thursday (at the wake) were gunmen trying to kill some of the witness to this incident.

The Mayor, Milton Brown called on help from the police. "These levels of killings in the parish are unacceptable and the authorities need to move urgently in order to stop this growing trend." he said.

I concur with the Mayor. How sad is it when you are going to pay respect to a dead relative and have to be in fear of your life. This is not the Jamaica I knew.

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