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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jamaica's Botanical Gardens

One cannot visit Jamaica without seeing the most beautiful foliage in the world. To experience such Tropical beauty cannot be completely captured by the camera. Jamaica's botanical gardens are said to be worth more then Gold.

One of the more famous ones is "Bath Botanical Gardens."The garden was stocked with Chinese an Japanese herbs and very exotic fruit trees. You an even find the breadfruit, ackee and Otaheite apple there. It is located in St. Thomas. Although flooding has caused many of the trees to be transported to Casteleton Gardens, the area is still maintained for its historic value.


Castleton Gardens is another famous garden located in Saint Mary. The Pocinciana Tree and the Bombay Mango Tree was first planted at Castleton in 1870. The naval oranges and tangerine were planted there in 1870 as well.


One of the most popular Botanical Gardens is "Hope Gardens or Royal Botanical Gardens." This was formerly part of the Richard Hope Estate. He was one of the officers from England who helped capture Jamaica in the 16th Century. In the 17th and 18th Centuries Hope Garden was used a Sugar Estate. This was also where Kingston use to get their water supply.

Later Hope Gardens has become one of Kingston's most publicly known parks. Other attractions at the Gardens include a Zoo, Lake, Fountain, several military band concerts, a boganivellea walk, maze, forest and lily pound. Currently the garden has been undergoing some changes.


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