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Friday, March 14, 2008

Prince Charles Throwing Down in JamDown

See, who says Prince Charles nuh have nuh rhythm. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, visited Jamaica on tour of the Caribbean islands to promote environmental protection. It was however his visit to Trench Town's "Culture Yard," that is the talk of all the media stations. Many of the members of the community were ready for his arrival. (mi can bet say they clean up nicely).

One craft lady at the Culture Yard was cited as say, "People from all over the gather outside the community center where he was. It did nice man, people did glad fi see him."

The Rastafarian community showed his much respect and invited the Prince to play their drums. That part of the festivities was held outside because the area was blocked off. One of the men stated, "Mi say we carry we drums and tings and dem go stand outside and chant down the place."

Especially optimistic about the visit was Rose Town's residents who though formally divided by the political violence between North and South have united for restoration efforts. The residents of the West Kingston community play a large part in the development of the Kingston Restoration Company (KRC), Construction Assistance Skills Transfer and Learning the Environment(CASTLE) program (which began in 2000). The prince was able to tour the area and also participated in planting a tree.

To culminate their visit the royal couple were led through the home - now a museum honoring the late singer - by Marley's widow, Rita, and sons Robert and Rohan. Both Camille and the Prince had a jam session with the Rastafarian's there as well. Boy, I bet Bob is rolling over in his grave. See if Bob was there he nuh must would have to offer them a spliff. Bob, was always Bob.
I would of loved to see them dancing though. That would of been cool.

It was nice though the the Prince has taken the time to visit his past and present colonies. For more photos and information you can check out. (Showbiz)

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