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Friday, March 14, 2008

Teacher have to Learn how to Shoot

It seems when you come out of Mico College that you have to have credentials stating you can shoot gun. This is whatt sounds like with the proposal for teachers to assist the police department in Jamaica.

Education Minister Andrew Holness believes teachers are more aware of the problems in schools than anyone and would know exactly what to do if they were given the proper powers. He has proposed that teachers would be allowed to search the students, but not carry guns or handcuffs just detain the students until the police arrive.

This action was prompted by e some assaults in the schools recently that, temporarily closed a number of schools last month, including one in which two girls attacked a female vice principal. In addition separate incidents resulted in the violent deaths of three high school students on local campuses at the start of the year.

Come on, you ever see a quite school teacher try to apprehend a big horse tearing bwoy and hold him down until the police come? Students don't fight with fists anymore, seems like all the students carry guns or knives now.

This will mean that pretty soon the schools in Jamaica might look like the ones in New York City, with bars on the windows.

Holness believes the idea wouldn't distract from teaching but add to it, allowing those at the head of the class to do their jobs without worrying that teens who disobey, create trouble or incite violence would simply be allowed to walk away with no immediate consequences. He also maintains law abiding students would benefit from having a safer environment to learn in.

On Monday, the Observer reported acting assistant commandant of the Island Special Constabulary Force, Desmond Brooks, as saying that the selected teachers will receive initial training from the police during the summer holidays.

The training, Brooks said, would give the teachers the authority of special constables.

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