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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vintage in Style

Ken Boothe-Everything I Own

Don't miss out on a showcase of old school talent that will present itself on April 5th at the Mas Camp.( on Oxford Road in New Kingston). Golden Promotions will have an array of artist that old timers (such as myself) will appreciate. The list include, Derrick Morgan, Leroy Gibbon, Frankie Paul, George Nooks, Strangeja Cole, Ken boothe (I wanted him to be my baby daddy back in da day), John Holt, Errol Dunkley, The Clarendonians and of course one of my alltime favorites Lloyd Parkes and the We The People Band.
The M.C. will be Bob Clarke, of the IRIEFM station.

Dubbed Vintage in Style, it will showcase one of the finest sets of reggae pioneers who laid the foundation and shaped its development for more than four decades.

The galaxy of stars include veterans such as Derrick Morgan, the Godfather among the stars and Leroy Gibbon. Among the more contemporary members of the cast will be Frankie Paul and George Nooks, with StrangeJah Cole, Ken Boothe, John Holt, Errol Dunkley, and the Clarendonians providing the bridge between the extreme vintage and younger peers. It should be an exciting music

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