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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gas can explodes near school

Tamika Kerr, principal of Baileys Basic School in Kingston was concerned over students who were treated for reactions to a gas explosion near the school premises. At least 13 students were treated in the nearby Bustamante Hospital for Children. One student who was asthmatic was observed foaming at the mouth. Teachers also sought medical attention.

The cannister which had contained gas for welding exploded around 10 am that morning. The concerned parents flooded the school and tried to administer help to the kids, along with the firefighters.

Source: Jamaican Observer


webomatik said...

I'm your fan at Technorati (webomatik) and I need some tags for your blog besides Jamaica. Any wishes? Thanks.


J. C. said...

hi I had a chace to visit Jamaica, Ocho Rios, Bob's house and one more place on the coast M... something, your blog is great Ya Man

iriegal said...

Thank you webmatik, I will update my technorati page.

iriegal said...

Hi J.C. thak you for your compliment. Yes Ocho Rios is nice mon.