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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Children Killing with No Remorse

Jamaican School Children

In full daylight Monday a group of boys ,along with other men in plain clothes, chased the teenager along Constant Spring Road before catching up with him at the Transportation center. The men then repeatedly stabbed the teenager who, up to press time, was only identified as 'Raymond'.
He was taken to hospital where he died while undergoing treatment. This was 5pm.

My question is where was the special constabulary force that was hired to protect the people at the center? Plenty people were around, you mean nobody helped the little boy? It is time to stop blaming the old government for the crime wave and start implementing a more drastic procedure. I lived in Jamaica when Martial Law was ordered and I hope it doesn't come back to that.

I hate to see Jamaica become this country lawlessness is the mainstay. It has got to come under control and quickly. I honestly feel that justice system needs to step up and make it undesirable to commit a crime. As a 3rd world country I understand the limitations, but I also know that if the government can spend money to send athletes to all these events oversees, why can't money be allotted to invest more in the youth of the country.

This is a debate going about Agriculture...what about the debate to stop the killing

Anyway just Irie's opinions

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