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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cost of Living Hits Jamaica Hard

Chickens pecking

I know the chickens are glad to hear that. I don't think they are too keen on being eaten . Seriously though Jamaica is going through some hard times right now. According to RJRNEWS," Corporate Affairs Manager at Caribbean Broilers, Dr. Keith Amiel, said the company currently has more stocks of chicken in storage than it did during the corresponding period last year."


Anonymous said...

Bwoy,every single Jamaican need to go back to planting their intensive kitchen gardens that were extremely popular when I was growing up.Also,it is important that they start to raise two fowls and a pig or two,because the situation with the rise in global food prices and energy will only get worse in the medium term.Our diet is too foreign oriented.We need to eat what we produce and grow as opposed to just focusing on foreign foods.Mi already start to buy various seeds fi mi garden.RESPECT!!


Mi totally agree with that sentiment anonymous.