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Sunday, May 04, 2008

School Children in Jamaica Out of Control Mon!

I was getting depressed reading the Jamaican Observer an the Jamaican Star. These "school" children are out of control (an I use word children loosely). With the recent rival gangs fighting in the schools and the attacks on teachers it is really getting crazy. It was not liked this when I was growing up in Jamaica.

Nadine Malloy was quoted as saying,"
The bottom line is that we need to start emphasizing core values in our education system because this is largely an issue about morals and values," argued JAPSS president Nadine Molloy in a phone interview last week.

In recent months, reports of shocking sexual activity going on in schools throughout Jamaica have made headlines, even on the Western Front. When I saw the videos of children engaging in Sexual acts (young middle school children), I was nauseous. I feel the Internet, even though a progressive piece technology, has also aided in feeding the sensationalism of having sex on the campus. Cell phone cameras share the blame as well.

I wonder what has happened to the family values I knew in growing up.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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