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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Regulating Sex Workers

All I can say is I don't know mi country mon a tink bout. Dr Kevin Harvey, senior medical officer in charge of the health ministry's National HIV/STI Programme said regulating sex workers would also mean that the country would no longer have to look to external funding agencies to finance that program. This was reported in the Jamaican Observer today.

He goes on to say, ""We need to have some regulation for this kind of grouping. I am not saying that we must go and legalise it, but we must decriminalise it and regulate commercial sex work in order to have greater reach," Harvey said in an address at the launch of the 2008 Knowledge, Attitude, Belief and Practices (KABP) survey."

Well, LasVegas, Nevada has tried to regulate it (prostitution) and it still is managed by criminal elements. I hear what he is saying, since prostitution is prevalent in Jamaica, why not capitalize off of it and get the country out of debt.

His vision is to make the Commercial Sex Workers (the ministers term not mine) a commodity. Have them pay tax on the money they earn. Well, if they are taxed, would they not then pass on the extra money they have to pay onto their clients?

What I don't understand is how the country won't legalize and tax marijuana (something that grow on the countryside wild), but they want to tax the hoes?

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