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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Traveling in Jamaica-Do You Feel Safe?

I haven't traveled to Jamaica in quite sometime, however I have friends and family who have. I have been reading about the concerns of many people who are planning to spend their holidays in Jamaica. The funny thing is that when many tourist come to the island, they go to resorts where their is high security. So if you seclude yourself behind high iron gates, why would you say you are "scared" of the crime rate?

Tourist are commodities for Jamaica. This simply means the Minister of Tourism is going to do everything to ensure the safety of many that visit the island. Jamaica is like anywhere, there are places you should go and places you shouldn't. The logic would be to travel in groups of two or more and not travel alone at night.

Here are some routine tourist spots.

Coyaba River Garden

Coyaba River Gardens
and Museum Offers the serenity of a genuine water garden fed by streams that rise on the property, exquisite Jamaican-Spanish architecture and natural aquarium. Available for functions and weddings.

Undersea Tours

MoBay Undersea Tours
Explore the underwater world of the Montego Bay Marine Park; Jamaica's first marine sanctuary, aboard the semi-submarine the "Coral See".

Caliche Whitewater Rafting
offers and exciting variety of river excursions and rainforest exploration tours. Enjoy the beautiful rainforest in the cool mountains of Jamaica. whether and expert or beginner, we have two river sections to suit the beginner or experienced white water rafter.

Hilton High Day Tour

"Hilton High Day Tour"
Spend the day on a private estate in the hilly interior. Meet the country people, enjoy the foods, learn about the history during a guided nature walk. Dressmaking

...and of course you can always go to Jamaican Attractions to find some fun things to do on the island.

I know what the papers say, but for many that live on the island, that is a day to day occurrence. I hope that the reports don't stop people from coming an visiting a wonderful place and people.


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