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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jamaica Independence Day Essay- For thoseliving in Florida


Well browsing the web, I came upon information on Geoffrey Philip's blog, about an independence day competition coming up for people living in Florida. Here are the rules.

The Jamaica Information Service in Miami is now accepting entries for the annual Independence Essay Competition, which forms part of the Jamaica Independence celebrations throughout the Florida communities.

Essay topics are as follows:

  1. Write about your two favorite places in Jamaica. These could include historic landmarks, places of recreation, cities, or even your family home. Name them and describe why they are your favorite.

  2. How do you think Jamaican youth in the Diaspora can best contribute to the nation’s development in the global arena.

  3. Do you know of a Jamaican group or Jamaican individual who has made an outstanding contribution to their community? If so, write about their contribution and its impact on that community in which he or she resides. (e.g. anyone with an extraordinary achievement.)

  4. What is the origin of ‘reggae music’ and explain the role that this genre of music has played in Jamaica’s social, cultural and economic development.

  5. Who was Jamaica’s first Prime Minister? Describe briefly how his life and work impacted our nation during his tenure.

  6. Briefly describe the significance of Jamaica’s five national symbols.

  7. There are several prominent Jamaican landmarks (e.g. Port Royal, Devon House, Rose Hall Great House, Spanish Town, etc.) Choose any Jamaican landmark that you know and explain briefly its context to Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage.

For more infomation on the contest click here...

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