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Friday, August 29, 2008

Maybe the Gunman can't Swim

Well, I know it is a bad thing to think, in wake of the storm, but I was just hoping God's fury would wash weh all the badman dem. According to the Jamaican Observer, Gustav its changed its course Wednesday night, yesterday blew off roofs and downed trees as it lumbered across the island, dumping heavy rain along the way.

Thousands of Jamaicans ignored evacuation orders from the ODPEM and refused to leave their homes, despite the threat posed by the storm.

As Gustav roared through the island yesterday, it ripped off roofs, downed power lines and pounded rain into Jamaica, triggering landslides and flooding and four deaths before moving out to sea Friday. That raised Gustav's overall toll to 71 lives after earlier deaths in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Jamaica was sending army helicopters Friday to rescue 31 people trapped by flooding in a hilly region of southern St. Andrew parish, Prime Minister Bruce Golding said.

The government also evacuated low-lying areas and closed the capital's main airport, and more than 1,500 people huddled in shelters. Late Friday morning, police and firefighters were among the only people on the streets of Savanna-La-Mar as Gustav's winds howled through the western port city, blowing debris in the pouring rain.

With today being the anniversary of Katrina devastation, I guess we should be lucky that their was not greater damage.

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Clay Perry said...

good luck in the clean up!!