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Monday, September 01, 2008

Bog Walk Gorge Wrecked

The Bog Walk Gorge was wrecked and impassable when Hurricane Gustav passed through Jamaica last week. It appears that sections stretching all the way to Flat Bridge had been washed away by water from the river.

The bridge is the main link up between Kingston and the Northcoast.

Their was asphalt laying broken everywhere. The strong current had overridden several sections of the retaining wall, eating their way across the road to leave it as rocky terrain and as treacherous as the mountainside opposite.



clnmike said...

Was this as bad as Katrina?

iriegal said...

Mike, not any worse or any better. I don't believe in comparing lost of life and family. This year 70 people died throughout the Caribbean with Hurricane Faye.

I was one of the volunteers that personally (through my job) went to Louisiana and helped with the rebuilding. I saw first hand the devastation.

To see people lose not only everything they worked for, but their families as well was sad.

In Jamaica, their is no FEMA, no relocation programs. The island officials do they can to help those affected.

Prayer goes out to all the victims of Natural Disasters...