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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mad Lion Back On Track

Mad Lion has recently gone back in the studio and has vowed to bring back love of dancehall music again. I hear yuh Lion. Right now there is too much jealousy and bickering going on between many of the artist. It was like when you put Biggie Smalls and Tupac on the stage, bound to be some controversy.

Recently Mad Lion echoed the same sentiment to a reporter with the Jamaican Observer. He was quoted as saying, " Lamenting on the state of dancehall music, he noted, "Everybody is so mad at each other. And this is reflected in the lyrics - guns, murder, violence. All this does is stall real creativity and eventually the music will fall into a rut." Currently in the island doing some work with producer Paul 'Scatta' Burrell, the British-born Mad Lion says this is his first visit to Jamaica in 10 years, but he has been keeping abreast with trends and movements and that was one of the main reasons he opted to work with Scatta, a producer known for delivering infectious dancehall riddims.

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