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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Asafa Powell against him dancing

Well, what you gonna say when your parents don't like what you do? It seems Asafa Powell's parents (who recently saw him doing the Gully Linga with Usain Bolt) are not too pleased. For many of us who have (or in my case had) Jamaica parents we know that they can be rigid when it comes to "worldly things" (this includes dancing).

Asafa with his mom

I mean the "Gully Linga" is not as bad as some of the dances me see the pickney dem a do in Jamaica. I guess it doesn't help that your parents are "Reverend William Powell and Cislyn Powell." Anyone that know about sanctified church in Jamaica know that they frown on dancing. I think in the world of athletes, dancing is the least of their problems. Many times promiscuity abounds (but in Jamaica the man dem is not man if they not having sex with all the women on the island dem)- this is iriegal's opinion, so nuh write me nothing bout wha me sey.

His mother was quoted as saying, "
: "God gave him those feet to bring joy to the world, but not in that form of dancing. We don't want 'Nuh Linga', we just want Jesus." Cislyn said that she does not want her son to end up in the dancehall culture and has been encouraging him to dare to be Daniel, despite what everyone else might be doing. She notes he continues to be in her Prayers."

Source: Jamaica Star


clnmike said...

Lol, thats parents for you.

Ruthibelle said...

Lawd have mercy! How we come so??
Speaking as the daughter of two like parents (community pastors), me kinda know how Safa feel. And I say give the dude a break!! I mean, it was a little nuh linga... you bend your back and snap your finger (lol!!) and that's that... the dance in and of itself was harmless fun with a coupla friends.

Why we cant just leave it at that?