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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stop the Senseless Killings

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It is getting difficult for me to blog when so much senseless killings are going on in Jamaica. Case in point. I listened to RJR news this morning and heard, the following:

Kenroy Ireland and his nephew Ricardo Rodney were playing bingo in Westomoreland, when an argument erupted over money. It was during this argument that Ricardo alledgely used a knife to stab Kenroy in the chest. He died instantly. The nephew is currently being sought after by the police.

Meanwhile, in Roehampton, St James, a man and his nephew, who have had a long standing dispute, got into an altercation during which the nephew allegedly pulled a gun and shot his uncle in the mouth.

He then fled the scene. The uncle was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.
Now these two killings happened the same day. The sad thing is I can give you similar events where in order to solve a disagreement or argument a gun or knife is used. This is how children are being taught to resolve issues.

We just experienced the greatest achievement ever when we had our top athletes compete at one of the most prestigious world events, The Olympics. We captured a nation with the skills shown in the track and field events. However, we seem to always be in this shadow of lawlessness

It cannot end if the head of the corruption is within the government walls. Sadly money is a curse in Jamaica. The same money that is used to build the country is also getting in the hands of the corrupt police department and politicians. It really doesn't matter what political party rules, it will still have the same outcome.

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