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Saturday, December 06, 2008

3 Members of Jamaican Urban Transit Company Resign

Well, where there is "smoke" usually there is fire. Three members of the JUTC (Jamaican Urban Transit Company) resigned yesterday as the probe caused by the contractors general report. which uncovered several procurement breaches at the company under the chairmanship of the late Douglas Chambers.

The JUTC board admitted that "some procurement breaches did take place at the company in recent months.

Jamaican Observer source said the resignations had nothing to do with the Opposition's call, but that the members resigned out of frustration and because at least one person thought it was the principled thing to do, in order to allow for investigations to continue.

I hope that is all there is too it. As Jamaica is entering a new year, I hope that "old policies" are done away with and even politicians have to take ownership to the state of affairs in Jamaica.

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