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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gang of Housebreakers Stealing and Eating Baby Cereal

Has it come to this? If you live anywhere near the Portmore Area, it seems that a gang of housebreakers have been cleaning out people's homes, only pausing to mix their favourite drink, baby cereal.

So, these people have the nerve not only to break into the homes but steal the baby formula and "mix it and eat it" as well. Sad. Detective Constable Lloyd Knight, told THE STAR that the thieves have become so slick at their 'trade' that only a little evidence is left for the police. "After they break into the houses, they mix baby feed and have even snacks to eat before leaving with items," he said.

The police state that so far close to 50 houses have been broken into and in at least 10 of the cases, baby cereals were stolen or drank at the scene of the crime.



clnmike said...

Now why would they eat baby food?

Is that a common habit?

iriegal said...

Mike cause deh "STOOPID!"

some folks just ignorant and arrogant. Obviously they were not afraid of being apprehended taking the time to mix cereal.