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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Creator of the "Gully Creepa" Killed

You can't live in Jamaica and not have heard of the Gully Creepa dance. This was also the dance made popular internationally by "Usain Bolt," when he danced after hearing he had won one of his Olympic races.

On Friday, David Alexander Smith, popularly known as "Ice" was shot and killed Friday morning at a bar off Waltham Park Road in Kingston. He was a very popular dancer, who is also a member of the 'Black Roses' crew was among patrons at the bar located on Newark Avenue, when an argument developed. It's believed that a struggle developed between "Ice" and others when he was shot. The Head Criminal Investigation , Superintendent McArthru Sutherland said, It is suspected that his car was bumped into, because when the police arrived on the scened there was evidence of and accident. Ice must of went to the bar afterwards, came out and was shot

Why folks die over some stupid shit? I don't get it? Here was a dancer, in the prime of his career and he gets gunned down.

Sometimes you can get "NEW MONEY," but maybe it is time to also get new friends.

Source (RJR NEWS)

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