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Saturday, December 27, 2008

You Done Know

This is a popular expression in Jamaica. However what does it really mean.? Sometimes you ask someone a question and they answer with, "you done know." Done know what? After dem nuh tell me anyting? Wha' me feh know? I don't have ESP. Then suppose what they are thinking I know, I really don't know and we have different ting a gwan in our mind?

So the next time I ask someone from Jamaica a question and dem sey, "Yuh done know," I am gonna kiss mi teeth and just simply say, "how mi feh know if yuh nuh tell mi."

Bwoy..just some tings mi a tink bout..

1 comment:

Blu Jewel said...

LMAO! my girl, yu gimme nuff joke right ya so to rahtid. me did tink seh me a di only one who ask dis same ting. sometimes when yard people talk me jus haffi laugh because nuff tings weh dem seh no mek no dyam sense.

love to live; live to love!