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Friday, December 19, 2008

Dem A Cut Everyting in Half Mon

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Well, I guess it takes Jamaica to be this innovative. They are now cutting everything in half and selling it at reduced prices. Remember, when you could buy one cigarette, well those days are coming back.

The 'bargain' does not end there as shoppers are also able to purchase slices of bread (with a 'swipe' of butter), half a bulla, a single sanitary napkin and syrup in a bag. WOW!, what next? Half a pencil and you have the lead part and you have to sit next to someone with the eraser part (or as we say in Jamaica deh rubba).


Read more of the story here.


clnmike said...

Lol, the times we live in I tell you.


Old time something come back!!Mi a guh buy big jill or half jill a coconut oil as opposed to the whole bottle fi fry mi quarter pound a chicken.Mi also a guh buy one slice a pear and two slice a bread fi nyam wid it.SURVIVAL is di watchword today and most J'CANS know how fi dweet.Nuff respect!!