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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Smugglers You will get caught

I might be what old people call, "frady", "frady" but so be it. I always thought that no matter what to "stand up" or the right thing in life. If I did something wrong, I just accepted the consequences. I always feel that whatever a man does in the dark, so too shall it come to light.

The customs department commissioner ( Danville Walker), states that Jamaica was being robbed of "hundreds of millions of dollars" because of the smuggling of goods into the country.

He Futher states, "These cigarettes are smuggled into Jamaica; they are not brought in and duty paid on them, and if you can smuggle in a case of cigarette then just think what else can be in that case," he said.

According to Walker, the sooner the supply chain was cut off the better since the fear was that arms and drugs can be smuggled into the country using the same tactics.

Smuggling is not anything new in Jamaica. It has been going on for eons, but the government seems to be actively taking a stance on it. I really don't think anything can be done. It the immigration people would stop taking "bribes" then maybe something would be done, but grease the palms and everyone turns their head.

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