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Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Bloodshed Has Started Already

All I can do is sigh. Last year the death toll was 1,620 people being murdered across the island. the The year just started and 13 people have already been killed. The victims include 20-year-old Kimani Manderson, the first person killed in Jamaica this year. He was fatally shot during a gun salute in Salt Spring St James.

See when I stated put back the death penalty there were many folks that disagreed with me. However, understand that some people their behavior is not going to change. They get older, but they still have the same heart and mind. A man that has been doing things for years and getting away with it (sometimes with only a slap on the wrist) comes to understand that there are no real consequences for their behavior.

The government has to take a tougher stance on crime. They managed to penetrate many of the gangs in Jamaica (towards the end of last year), but that is only the beginning. The citizens of the country need to feel safe. They need to feel they can turn in the culprits without being any kind of repercussion.

I hope the words of Jamaica's National Anthem rings through.

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