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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Devastating Fire in Montego Bay

When Carol, "Wally" Wallace and his common-law wife returned home Friday evening, they were met with devastation. Their home at Water Lane in Montego bay was totally destroyed by fire. The fire completely destroyed all the childrens ( 4 children ) school clothes, books and school bags.

The local residents told the Observer that the fire started at Brown's two-apartment board house, completely destroying it before engulfing the Wallaces house. They explained that Brown, who was embroiled in an ongoing feud, was threatened that his house would be set on fire and claimed that the suspected arsonist was seen in the area shortly before the fire broke out.

Now that is a damn shame. I often wonder why people have to be so vindictive in life. I always think of life this way, whatever anyone does to me or my family life generally doesn't go good for them. Sometimes folks try to be vindictive and spend more time doing more mental harm to themselves. I believe whatever comes around, does indeed go around. It is really a proven fact.
My heart goes out to this family, because a stupid feud could of caused some member of this family to lose their life. That is so sad.

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