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Monday, January 05, 2009

Tanker Explodes in Saint Mary

What seemed like an ordinary Saturday turned out to be a catastrophic one for some residents in Saint Mary. A tanker, travelling along the Llanrumney Road, carrying more than 26,000 litres of gasoline overturned and burst into flames, engulfing power lines and several trees in its path.

Residents Neil Campbell and Janette Rose told the Jamaican Observer yesterday, that they had to run to escape the fire.

Janette stated, " I just finished cleaning the floor inside. suh I went around the back picking up the clothes off the line and bringing some up to the front to put them on the fence to dry," she recounted.
"So when I round there I hear boom and I run up there and I saw the truck lie down on wall and the fire start to blaze and the men run out and run up the road. I saw the fire coming down in the gully [beside her house] because the oil run out in the gully and I seh lawd Jesus! And I run straight down the road almost reach the cross road."

That is really how quick a fire can spread. '

More on the story-----> HERE

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clnmike said...

No deaths?

Thats amazing.