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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Haitians Ordered to Leave The United States

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I read this in USA TODAY and was so outraged. According to USA's article, " U.S. immigration authorities say they've ordered 30,000 Haitians to leave the country."

"Haitian officials, however, say they're not issuing the travel documents needed to process most deportees."

"Handfuls of deportees with valid passports have been returned to Haiti since Dec. 5, following a three-month break in deportations, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. But Haitian officials say the storm-batted Caribbean country needs time to recover and can't handle the return of its citizens."

Why would you send people back to a country that is right now going through so much turmoil?

Haiti however is blocking the deportees from returning.

Soon after resuming flights in December, the administration of then President George W. Bush denied Haiti's request for temporary protected status.I know Obama's agenda is tight, but we are talking about keeping more then 600 people in detention centers for months and more that have been under House Arrest. If there were no room for them at they time they hit the United States shores, then they should of been clothed, fed and turned around then.

It is sad to give people hope for a better life, then turn them away. This country (America) was built on Democratic freedoms. Are they criminals because they want a better life?

What happens when other countries are thrown out? Do we the stop take down the Statue of Liberty light as that beacon for hope?

Source: VOA NEWS

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clnmike said...

I wonder what is the real motivation behind this.