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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jamaica Sharing int he Chinese Travel Market

Caribbean Net News reports that Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett is moving full speed ahead to get a piece of the fast growing Chinese Travel Market. He states, "Although last year, we had only a little over 1,000 Chinese visitors to Jamaica, this year, we are looking at improvements in this area."

In 2005, the Governments of Jamaica and the Peoples Republic of China signed a memorandum of understanding, which sets the framework for the movement of group travel between both countries.

The Minister, in his address, noted that the outstanding performance of the Jamaican athletes in the Beijing Olympics has had a tremendous impact on Jamaica's presence in the Chinese market.

Chinese culture has long been a part of the Jamaican way of life, from its food to its clothing. I think it is about time that the various cultures that inhabit Jamaica are now being recognized as a not only a viable commodity but for the benefits they contribute to the island.

It is so important that the Chinese know we are more then "Usain Bolt."

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