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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spotlight on Carlton Brown

Carlton Brown is one of Jamaica's leading fashion designers. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Brown who through the nurturing from talented artisans, further fuelled his passion, hence developing his signature style, combining formal attire with casual chic. Named "Caribbean Male Fashion Designer of the Year," Carlton Brown is the name in fashion throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean. He was mentored by Professor Andrew Ramroop- the first ever black Master tailor to head the prestigious Savile Row tailors.

He will making his North American debut (according to the Jamaican Observer) during LG Fashion Week on Thursday March 19th at 8:00 pm.

Click here for more information on that upcoming even- ------> HERE

Check out some of his designs below.

1 comment:

Blu Jewel said...

me likey! It's nice to see such well designed and made clothing for men.

love to live; live to love!